Kedge is a global foresight, innovation and strategic design firm. We empower organizations and individuals to seize opportunities, achieve aspirations and turn both short- and long-term possibilities into the actions and outcomes you need today.

Kedge is a global foresight, innovation and strategic design firm. We empower organizations and individuals to seize opportunities, achieve aspirations and turn both short- and long-term possibilities into the actions and outcomes you need today.

What Can We Do For You?

Customized Engagements

Tell us about your goals and aspirations, and we’ll design an engagement that addresses the needs of your organization. It’s our desire to partner with you to create the future and “teach you how to fish,” not act as outsiders that hoard our knowledge. We are experts at developing foresight capacity; building breakthrough strategy; solving long-standing problems; transforming organizations; seizing opportunities, and more!

Foresight Training

Do you want to launch foresight in your organization? Do you want to be certified in foresight? Do you want to create the future? The Futures School, our flagship training program, is empowering foresight professionals and democratizing the future around the world. TFS operates across the globe, which means that you’ll be connected to a worldwide network of like-minded professionals. Click below to apply to an upcoming program.


Kedge Principals Frank Spencer and Yvette Montero Salvatico have years of experience delivering inspiring, engaging and provocative keynotes at conferences across the world. From topics such as the future of the workforce, to 21st century leadership skills, to foresight-empowered scenarios, they can provide the perfect speech tailored for your audience’s needs. Interested? Learn more about Frank and Yvette here.

I had the pleasure to hire Frank and Yvette to take us from theory to practical application of strategic foresight at Daimler. Kedge has been a great partner in this adventure by helping us stay grounded in processes that deliver results. Frank and Yvette use their experience and expertise to guide us and to get people on board with a new way of thinking. I highly recommend Kedge.

Lori Heino-Royer

Director, Connected Business Development, Daimler Trucks North America

Frank Spencer

Frank Spencer

Founder & Creative Director

As the founding principal at Kedge, Frank knows the importance of helping today’s leaders to develop a futurist mindset and organizations to establish a future-empowered culture. His passion for this work, coupled with his creativity and impressive futures expertise in both the professional and academic realms, has propelled Kedge to become one of the leading global foresight, innovation and strategic design firms. Frank possesses the unique skillset that is essential in assisting any organization that is seeking to create a foresight division or competency – a must have in today’s uncertain business environment. And he knows how to meet every client “right where they are,” helping them to leverage their strengths as a springboard to foresight-inspired thinking and action that creates both immediate and far-reaching success.

Yvette Montero Salvatico

Yvette Montero Salvatico

Managing Director

Yvette is driven by the desire to help organizations and individuals discover their innate and untapped ability to create the future. With 15+ years of corporate finance, HR and leadership experience (including tenure as The Walt Disney Company’s first workplace futurist), she is uniquely positioned to successfully leverage the power of strategic foresight for complex organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. Yvette understands that while leaders continually tout the necessity of futures thinking on their teams, they fail to structure their business processes in a way in which long-term thinking is valued or rewarded. This fundamental disconnect is what causes businesses and organizations to miss opportunities and ultimately fail, and it’s this disconnect that she consistently helps to address and eliminate.

Nicole Baker Rosa

Nicole Baker Rosa

Head of Human Design

Nicole leads the organization’s daily operations and people development efforts, ensuring a human-centric culture. She is an experienced speaker and curriculum developer partnering with a variety of industries and fields, as well as a published author. Nicole holds a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and Diversity Certificates from the University of Central Florida as well as a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from the University of Florida.


Kedge is not just our name — it’s a great analogy for what we do.

A kedge is an anchor used on ancient sailing vessels. When there was no wind to fill the sails, members of the crew would get in a rowboat and drop the kedge far from the ship. Those remaining on the ship would pull themselves in the direction they wanted to travel.

When thinking about the future, we should imagine a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum are the trends and events that will push us into the future whether we like it or not. However, we prefer to focus on the other end of the spectrum, where it’s possible (and more desirable) to pull yourself toward the future you want. But that’s not all: if we purposefully and intentionally act on the future, we can pull its possibilities and opportunities to us. You might even say that we can “kedge” the future into the present.

With this metaphor in mind, we partner with organizations and individuals to “democratize the future,” helping them navigate a world of increasing complexity and empowering them to pull the future into their organizations, initiatives and lives. We believe everyone should think like a futurist, and everyone should have access to the tools, skills and mindsets that will allow them to shape the future. For this reason, we created a public-facing certification program called The Futures School. Delivered around the world, TFS has quickly become the premiere global program for Futures Thinking and foresight in the 21st Century.

In both our customized client engagements and The Futures School, we focus on creating positive futures through transformation, mapping a range of possible futures and emphasizing how to take advantage of untapped opportunities. We like to think of ourselves as the “optimistic futurists,” because we believe that — together — we have the power to make the future a better place.

Are you ready to create the future?

Join the major companies and organizations that are now futures-empowered:

Frank & Yvette have an ability to thrust people out of their comfort zone to generate breakthrough ideas and to empower people to take action! If you are looking for thought leaders to deliver world class insights on future foresight, future forecasting, innovation, leadership & the future of work, look no further! Frank & Yvette are a class act that will leave your audience in a state of awe, striving to make a positive global impact.

Alrick Pagnon

Creative Innovation Leader, CREATIVE UNIVERSE

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